F-Secure Antivirus Corrupts Git-Repository

I recently ran into some errors dealing with my git-repositories.

git fsck --full --progress

returned many errors like

bad sha1 file: .git/objects/1a/._32dbc32bce8958123ce808f49556bd0f8b3609


error: non-monotonic index .git/objects/pack/._pack-d780ff46242cce174a2067e9a5a1cc363cc66df0.idx

Looking into the problem, I discovered, that practically every single files had a corresponding one starting with ._ which contained only one line: Mac OS X 2??ATTR[????com.f-secure.clean1This resource fork intentionally left blank

F-Secure for Mac OS, which I installed without seeing the necessity, nor danger wrote these files into the whole repository and corrupted every single checksum.

After deinstalling F-Secure for Mac OS, I could fix the git-repo by running this command:

find . -name ._\* -type f -delete

To permanently stop the samba server from accepting these files, add

veto files = /._*/.DS_Store/ delete veto files = yes

To your smb.conf

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